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Imagine, living in harmony with our planetClean air… Clean water… Clean energy… An abundance of all life forms, both great… …and small Together, we can make this dream our reality…




    WELCOME TO ETERNAL SOURCE - Eco Products to Change Your Life!

Here at Eternal Source, our vision and dream is to help people live more harmoniously with our amazing planet! As part of our mission, we spend a great deal of time extensively researching and testing each and every eco product we sell to ensure that we only support the very best when it comes to sustainability and ecology. We particularly focus on products that help to reduce the waste we send to landfill, such as the:

  • fantastic Aerobin compost bin which turns up to 50% of household waste into valuable nutrient rich compost;
  • funky Envirosax reusable bags which help to reduce the 4 billion non-reusable bags Australians use each year; and
  • stylish glass water bottles which help to reduce the 30 billion throw away bottles of water that are consumed every year!

Natural and Organic - the way to go!

One of the reasons why we love natural and organic so much at Eternal Source is that no chemicals, pesticides or chlorine bleaches are used during the growing, processing or manufacturing of certified organic products. This means that you are eliminating a whole host of toxic chemicals out of your daily routine. We particularly focus on:

  • organic skin care made from the highest quality, most nourishing ingredients currently in existence today!
  • aromatherapy oils made from organic essential oils to help cleanse, calm & restore both you & your space
  • organic bedding made from certified organic cotton and free from chlorine bleach
  • organic baby products, such organic baby skin products, organic baby clothes, organic baby carriers plus more...

BPA free - Protecting Ourselves and Our Kids!

As the toxicological effects of BPA and the other Bisphenols start to become more evident, it is essential that we all try to minimize our exposure to this chemical as much as possible. At Eternal Source, all of our products are BPA free, including:

  • reusable drink bottles made from food grade stainless and glass for both babies and adults;
  • stainless steel lunch boxes as well as food containers made from glass; and
  • baby soothers, teethers and feeding utensils that are free from BPA.

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