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Our Vision

At Eternal Source, our vision and dream is to help people live harmoniously with our planet and to re-connect with its awesome beauty!

Every pocket of our globe contains a precious aspect of creation - evolved over thousands and thousands of years. As we remember that we are all connected, so we realise that actions which create imbalance in one part of our world ripple across all parts of our world.

Each and every day, inspiring innovators across the globe are creating amazing products and processes that are gentle on our planet, our environment and on us. These exciting new products:

  • use organic agricultural processes that are free from harmful chemicals and pesticides;
  • contain materials that can be recycled;
  • are biodegradable and in many cases help to put nutrients back into our soils; and
  • are not tested on animals.
Eternal Source aims to raise awareness about these inspiring new products and processes. We believe that education is a key component in creating a more harmonious, peaceful environment.

Where possible, Eternal Source only selects products that meet the highest environmental standards in operation today. In particular, we look for products made by companies that utilise clean energy, conserve water and minimise their use of chemicals in the manufacturing process.

Our Strategy

At Eternal Source, we believe that every product we consume represents an opportunity for us to make a difference in our world.

As we choose to purchase products that are good for our planet, global demand for these products increases and our ability to shift the market and, indeed, create our own market becomes more evident.

Our overall ecological footprint goes down each time we purchase a product that is gentle on the planet.

The more we shift our consumption patterns, the greater the impact!

And so, our strategy becomes clear:
  • Embrace renewable sources of energy / green power;
  • Become as energy efficient as possible;
  • Look for innovative ways to conserve water;
  • Support our air and water resources by limiting our use of harmful chemicals and pesticides;
  • Protect our forests and natural habitats by utilising paper products that are made from renewable resources and / or recycled paper;
  • Seek out products that are biodegradable and recyclable; and
  • Allow ourselves to be inspired and, in turn, inspire others!
Eternal Source is deeply committed to implementing this strategy as part of our operations, on a personal level within our own lives and to facilitate everyone around us in their endeavours to live more harmoniously with our planet!