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Aerobin - Creating Awesome Compost!

On 04.10.2012 by Tracey Tipping
Aerobin 200 Aerobin 400

Well, spring has finally sprung and what better time of year to get your garden into shape than by starting an Aerobin home composting system!

Its pretty incredible to think that up to 50% of household waste that is destined for landfill is actually composed of organic materials. When organic materials decompose in landfill without air they give off methane and nitrous oxide - 2 very potent greenhouse gases.

So, when you choose to place your organic waste into a compost bin - like the Aerobin - rather than in the regular garbage you are dramatically reducing the amount of waste you send to landfill and are therefore helping to reduce the emissions of greenhouse gases from landfill.

In addition, by choosing to compost your organic waste in an Aerobin or other composting system rather than sending it to landfill you are providing a fantastic source of nutrients back into your garden, thereby continuing the carbon cycle and giving health back to our environment - talk about a win-win situation!

How the Aerobin Works:

The key differentiating factor between the Aerobin and other composting systems is that the Aerobin compost bin uses a patented lung® or aeration core which sits inside the sealed bin to promote aerobic break down of organic matter.

In addition, the thermal insulation in the Aerobin conserves heat, leading to rapid breakdown of the biomass which works efficiently year round, even in cooler regions. It has little odor and can kill noxious weeds and seeds. There is no need to turn the biomass and it is pet and rodent resistant.

This unique design makes the Aerobin one of the best compost bins on the market today. In fact, when it was tested at the Swinburne University of Technology, Environment & Biotechnology Centre, it achieved the highest performance in composting against other world ranking compost units!

Aerobin Aeration Core

Which Size to Choose - the Aerobin 400 or 200 Litre?

Before getting started, it is important to choose which size Aerobin will work best for your needs:

* The Aerobin 400 has a capacity of around 400 litres / 400kg and measures 740mm x 740mm x 1200mm when assembled. It is an ideal size for an average / large sized home & garden.

* The Aerobin 200 has a capacity of around 200 litres / 200kg and measures 510mm x 510mm x 1175mm when assembled. It is an ideal size for an apartment or small home.

Aerobin 200 & 400 Litre Compost Bins

Getting Your Aerobin Compost Bin Started:

Once you have chosen the right sized Aerobin compost bin for you, its important to position it in the perfect spot to make sure that it functions at its best:

* A shady or partially shady area usually suits an Aerobin well.

* The Aerobin can weigh up to 400kg or 200kg when full (depending on which size you chose), so it is crucial that the whole underneath surface is extremely well supported. It therefore needs to be positioned on a level, firm and even surface (ideally on large pavers or concrete).

* Choose your spot carefully as it is not recommended that you move your Aerobin after you start using it (if you need to move it, you will need to remove the matter inside it first - which is not a fun task!!)

Once positioned, its time to start adding your organic waste to your Aerobin. Its important to layer your Aerobin with a mixture of wet materials such as food scraps, coffee grounds and lawn clippings, together with dry materials such as leaves, twigs and newspaper. Ideally, your layers should be around 4 - 12cm of each type of material.

Once you have gathered your materials, simply open the lid, drop in your mixture of wet and dry materials and close. As mentioned before, there is no turning required with the Aerobin and the thermal insulation helps to break down material really fast, so the bin should always have plenty of room inside it.

Once your compost has been produced & is ready to go, it is easily accessed via the lower side door plus you can access your liquid fertiliser at the bottom of your Aerobin via the leachate tap (see the picture above).

So, there you have it - an easy, no mess, no fuss way to produce awesome compost with the Aerobin!

Aerobin Compost Bin

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