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Chemicals of Concern

At Eternal Source, we keep a close eye on a number of key chemicals of concern as part of our product research.

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    Banning BPA

    On 19.08.2011 by Tracey Tipping

    Many countries around the world have decided to take precautionary action when it comes to BPA in children’s products, with Canada & the EU banning BPA in polycarbonate baby bottles.
    In addition, 8 states and 3 counties/cities in the United States have enacted bans as well (see full details in the table below).

    Details of Action [...]


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    How are people exposed to BPA?

    On 19.08.2011 by Tracey Tipping

    It is hard to comprehend that in 2005 the US Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) found that 95 percent of Americans have detectable levels of BPA in their bodies[1]. Not only that, but in many cases these levels were found to be above the concentrations known to reliably cause adverse effects (like the [...]


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    What is BPA?

    On 18.08.2011 by Tracey Tipping

    The more research we have done and the more we have chatted to people, the more we have realised that while many of us might have heard of BPA we often don’t really know what it is or which what products contain it, so here are a few handy points to help shed light on [...]