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    Envirosax - 10 Things I Love

    On 20.05.2013 by Tracey Tipping

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    Its really scary to think that Australians use 4 billion single-use plastic bags each year, which is almost 10 million new bags each day! [1] So, while its never been more important to reduce our plastic bag consumption than it is now, I thought it was high time I revisited [...]


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    Reusable Bags - Reduce Plastic Consumption Today!

    On 26.09.2012 by Tracey Tipping

    Plastic Bags in Australia
    It's hard to imagine sometimes just how much plastic you can save by using Reusable Bags, but the stats for Australia are pretty incredible. In fact, every time you choose to use reusable bags instead of single-use plastic shopping bags you are:
    * Helping to reduce the 3.92 billion plastic bags that Australians [...]