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Envirosax - 10 Things I Love

On 20.05.2013 by Tracey Tipping

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Its really scary to think that Australians use 4 billion single-use plastic bags each year, which is almost 10 million new bags each day! [1] So, while its never been more important to reduce our plastic bag consumption than it is now, I thought it was high time I revisited all of the things I love most about the Envirosax reusable bags...

1. Reducing our Plastic Bag Consumption!

Wow - one Envirosax bag could potentially replace up to 6,000 single-use plastic bags [2] during its lifetime - talk about a massive reduction!

2. Takes Up to 20kg in Weight

I love how I can just keep packing my groceries into my Envirosax right to the top of the bag without ever worrying about it splitting. This is due to the fantastic reinforced seams which enables the bag to hold the equivalent of two supermarket plastic bags in weight (or up to 20kg).

I might not be physically strong enough to carry the bag out of the store (!!), but I guess that's what trolleys are for...

3. Rolls into a Handy Small Pouch

Another great feature of Envirosax bags is how easy it is to roll them up into a small pouch. This means that you can easily store them in your backpack, handbag or laptop bag and have them ready to go at the drop of a hat!

4. Gorgeous designs

The creative team at Envirosax have really pulled out all the stops when it comes to designs - whether you like floral tones, vintage-inspired designs, dark edgy silhouettes or even knockout fun colours, then the collection is bound to have a bag you will fall in love with.

I especially love wearing my "After Dark" range of Envirosax bags out at night instead of a handbag as they just seem to go with everything!

5. Fully Washable and Waterproof

There's nothing like getting home with your shopping only to find that something has leaked in your bags, but with the Envirosax bags the mess is contained because the bags are waterproof so they don't leak into your car or onto you while you are out and about!

Plus, they are really easy to wash - just a quick hand wash in cool water and in no time they will be dry and good to go.

6. The Bags are Lead Free

Its completely ridiculous to think that some reusable bags in the US were found to contain lead back in 2010, with real concerns being raised about lead leaching into food items being carried in the bags (what will they think of next!)

All Envirosax products have been tested in both the US and Australia and found to be free of lead, mercury, chromium and phthalates.

7. Printed Using Eco Friendly Inks

Eco friendly inks and dyes are used to print the Envirosax bags, plus they are free from carcinogenic amides.

They also use use a printing process called sublimation which helps to ensure that the bags won't fade when washed, which means that your bag will still look awesome after a few years of washing and wearing!

8. All Waste Fabric is Recycled

Envirosax is really committed to recycling and sends all of its waste fabric to a recycling warehouse where it can be shredded and used as filler in car seats, mattresses, chairs and lounge suites. As a dry recycling program is used, no hazardous chemicals are released into the environment.

In addition, you can recycle your old Envirosax bags at any facilities that recycle polyester helping to further lower the ecological footprint of the bags.

9. Committed to Fair Wages and Safe Working Conditions

Envirosax chose to manufacture their bags in China due to cost, however fair wages and safe working conditions have always been front and centre of their operations.

Many bag companies often don't end up working directly with the manufacturer so while their agent might have fair wages and working conditions they have no way of knowing if the manufacturing facility does as well.

To avoid this problem, Envirosax have taken great pains to ensure that they are working directly with their manufacturer and have an Australian staff member on-site as their full-time production manager in China to ensure that fair wages are paid, working conditions are safe and clean and that NO child labour is used.

Plus, Envirosax had their facility audited by Intertek Testing Services (based in California, USA) & it passed the Code of Compliance Audit.

10. Really Inspiring Founders

The final thing I love about Envirosax is that their original founders really walk their talk!

They live on 10 acres of Australian rainforest in Queensland and have solar hot water, solar power for electricity, grey water systems, rainwater tanks and the list goes on! They live a sustainable lifestyle and are totally off the grid, something that many of us are aspiring too!

So, there you have it - the top 10 things I love about Envirosax!!



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