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Ergobaby - The Baby Carrier That Changed My Life!!!!

On 11.10.2012 by Tracey Tipping

Okay, I'll admit its an outrageously big title but every so often an organic baby product comes along that makes such an amazingly big difference in your life that its hard to imagine how you would have managed without it, and for me it was the Ergobaby organic carrier.

Before I can talk about the Ergobaby though, I need to fully set the scene for you so that you can see why I can truly say that this awesome baby carrier totally changed my life. So here goes..

Ergobaby Organic Carrier

Pictures of: Hubby (Craig) & Baby (Jacob) in the Ergobaby Organic Carrier & Baby Insert!!

Being A Working Mum - How Hard Can it Be?

Before having my gorgeous bub (otherwise known as Baby Jacob), I honestly didn't think it would be all that challenging being a working mum. My thinking was as follows: babies (especially newborn babies) sleep pretty much all the time and once they settle into a routine you are looking at 2 x 2 hour sleeps a day (or 4 hours of work a day) and they will then be asleep from roughly 7pm to 7am give or take a feed here or there so you can easily add on at least another 2 hours of work at night and hey presto you are almost working a full day while being a full time mum - EASY right!!

My darling hubby - Craig - was a full-time stay at home dad for the first 3 months so that I could keep working after Jacob was born and we could work towards establishing the glorious routine mentioned above.

At about the 2 month mark, I remember a feeling of mild panic starting to set in. Not only did feeds often take up to an hour and a half, but it was pretty much impossible to get Jacob to sleep past 1 sleep cycle (about 40ish minutes) during the day unless you somehow managed to rock him into the next sleep cycle before he fully woke up from the first and this was almost impossible to do on a regular basis.

On top of that, Jacob wasn't able to sleep without motion during the day so if we put him down in his cot or on the couch or in the pram once he was asleep he would wake up within a few minutes of the motion ending.

Despite all of this, my wonderful new mother hormones gave me heaps of energy and enthusiasm and this meant that with Craig at home I could clock a fair few hours at my desk (even if many of them took place between 1am - 5am - eek, I definitely don't recommend that to anyone!!) But the question was: what on earth was I going to do when Craig went back to work????

Bring on the Tears - I Just Can't Do this...

The week that Craig went back to work was one of the hardest weeks of my life. I think I cried more tears that week than I ever have before.

While it was easy enough to get Jacob off to sleep, I tried everything I could think of to work out how I could keep rocking him while he was sleeping and at the same time keep working. I tried rocking his pram with my foot while sitting at my computer, I tried holding him in 1 arm while typing with the other (yeah - that was never going to work!) and we even bought an Ipad so that I could hold him in my arms and work on the Ipad but I couldn't get much done one handed.

Plus, I am not sure if you have ever tried to hold a baby in your arms for anywhere between 40 minutes to 2 hours but by the end your arms are aching, your neck is in agony and you are freaking out at having sat around for all that time when you were supposed to be working! I also found sitting around for 1 - 2 hours at a time to be extremely exhausting but everytime I would try to lean back or stop moving - hey presto, Jakie was a awake again!

Suffice to say, that poor Craig got home to an increasingly irate, freaked out mum who was struggling to cope with working AND being a full time mum...

Enter the Ergobaby...

During this whole period, although we used our Ergobaby from time to time (we have the gorgeous Ergobaby Organic Navy Carrier), I honestly thought that baby carriers or baby wearing was something that you did when you went out so, we would "wear" Jacob whenever we went out and true to the gazillion product reviews out there the carrier felt awesome - perfect weight distribution, no pressure on the back, neck or shoulders, easy to use (once you know how!), fantastic harness system, really soft on the skin etc. etc.

Don't ask me why, but it never occurred to me that I could use my Ergobaby with Jacob at home - apart from occasionally popping him on my back while cooking dinner at night.

Then one day, when Jacob was about 4 months, I saw him making his tired signs and rather than getting the rocking going, I decided to pop him into my Ergobaby carrier and take him for a quick walk. Well, much to my shock he was asleep within 5 minutes of me leaving the house (we hardly ever got him to sleep in under 20 minutes of rocking)!!!!

I headed straight back home and looked at my desk and an idea was born - Jacob needed to be bounced and I needed to work... Didn't I have a Swiss ball floating around the house that I could sit on and kill 2 birds with one stone???

Oh joy, from the moment I sat on the Swiss ball at my desk with Jacob in the Ergobaby on my front I somehow felt in perfect alignment. Super close to my gorgeous baby, able to frequently rock him back to sleep between sleep cycles AND able to work (one of my other great passions in life!)

My Work / Mum Balance - How the Ergobaby helped me achieve that!

And so, a new routine was born - as soon as I saw Jacob's tired signs I would pop him in the Ergobaby and head outdoors for a walk. Sometimes it would take 5-10 minutes to get him to sleep, sometimes up to 30 minutes but it actually didn't bother me how long it took because I was out exercising in nature which was really good for me and certainly better than sitting on the couch feeling sorry for myself!

Within a few short weeks, my darling Jacob was doing 2 x 1.5 - 2 hour sleeps a day in the Ergobaby. 95% of the time I could get him straight back to sleep between sleep cycles and only 5% of the time he woke up and wanted to come out. We even followed this routine on weekends to help give him consistency.

In the early days of our new routine, my body took a bit of time getting used to having the extra weight on my front for 4 hours a day. Interestingly though, my back got really strong after a while and I developed a whole new set of muscles to accommodate this.

But this amazing routine only really worked for me if I was on the swiss ball bouncing away, because the combination of the ball & the desk somehow gave me the extra support and stability that I needed. In contrast, I found that I would get pretty tired (and bored) if I was just standing around for an hour or two with Jacob on my front.

My Amazing Memories from the Ergobaby...

Being in such close proximity with Jacob for almost 4 hours every day that first year opened me up to some of my most memorable experiences with him:

* He went through a whole phase where he would sing himself to sleep very loudly in the Ergobaby, which was seriously the cutest thing ever!

* Watching his eyes start to roll and feeling his head start to nod off was delightful.

* Watching him wake up and stretch his arms and look up into my eyes and give me huge smiles, just priceless...

* Watching his peaceful sleeping face while I was meant to be working!

* Feeling his head on my chest while he slept...

However, there were some challenges too (although they were pretty minor): every time I sneezed I would wake him up, there were times when I was hungry or needed the toilet and I had to wait until he woke up, if I forgot to turn the phones down he would wake pretty much instantly!

That being said though, I learned how to get really efficient with my work and when Jacob was asleep there was no faffing around or procrastinating as the only thing I could comfortably do while he was sleeping on my front was to sit at my desk and work. This taught me how to manage my time effectively and really focus (something that I wasn't very good at before I had a bub)

The End of Our Ergobaby Routine!

At around 11 months, fortunately (or unfortunately depending on which way you want to look at it) Jacob decided that he didn't need to be rocked while sleeping anymore. He was also getting pretty big by that stage so the timing worked out well for both of us.

We were really surprised to find that once we got him off to sleep, he would happily sleep for anywhere between 1 to 2 hours and sometimes we have even clocked the odd 2.5 hour sleep (although this is pretty rare). While we do still have to re-settle him between sleep cycles from time to time, its nothing like we had to do in those early days.

I did find, however, that with this new non Ergo sleep routine Jacob often likes to be held during the day so that we can still have that closeness. Whereas when we had our Ergobaby sleep routine he rarely wanted to be held when he was awake - he was always happily off exploring and doing his own thing!

Jacob is now 18 months and we still use the Ergobaby with him - although he now sits on our back rather than our front and he prefers to walk whenever he can. But it is great for traveling (especially for airports), when we go on long bush walks or if we pop off to the markets (where there are lots of people).

Yes - Our Ergobaby Was A Life Changing Experience!!!

Well there you have it, our amazing Ergobaby story.

I can honestly say that I went from being a really stressed out, emotional and concerned mum trying to juggle motherhood and work to a much calmer, more centered mum able to continue working and, at the same time, give Jacob what he needed. My only mistake was not starting him in the Ergobaby from birth!!!

I will be eternally grateful to Ergobaby for creating such an awesome organic baby carrier that enabled me to keep working & still have my bub with me at all times :-)


You can check out our full range of gorgeous Ergobaby organic baby carriers on the following link: Ergobaby


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