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Reusable Bags - Reduce Plastic Consumption Today!

On 26.09.2012 by Tracey Tipping

Reusable Bags

Plastic Bags in Australia

It's hard to imagine sometimes just how much plastic you can save by using Reusable Bags, but the stats for Australia are pretty incredible. In fact, every time you choose to use reusable bags instead of single-use plastic shopping bags you are:

* Helping to reduce the 3.92 billion plastic bags that Australians use each year, which is almost 10 million new bags each day!

* Reducing the amount of plastic waste going into landfill in Australia (an estimated 3.76 billion plastic bags are disposed in landfill each year which then takes thousands of years to break down!)

* Creating a market shift away from single-use plastic bags towards fantastic reusable options!

The above stats can be found in Clean Up Australia's Plastic Bag Fact Sheet.

Plastic Bags Globally

The global figures are even more scary, with over 1 trillion plastic bags being used every year - that's around 1 million bags being used every minute!!!

* Plastic bags are listed as the second most common form of waste found in our oceans (after cigarette butts).

* Plastic in our oceans has a huge impact on marine wildlife - killing around 1 million seabirds and 100,000 marine mammals globally each year.

* Plastic bags remain toxic even after they break down as they take up to 1,000 years to fully degrade which means they are re-released back into the environment after an animal has ingested it, died and decayed so it is free to kill again.

* It is estimated that every square mile of ocean contains 46,000 pieces of plastic in it!!

The above stats can be found in Facts About the Plastic Bag Pandemic.

Sadly, so much plastic has been discarded into our oceans that you might have seen pictures & recent news about The Trash Vortex, which according to Greenpeace "is an area the size of Texas in the North Pacific in which an estimated six kilos of plastic for every kilo of natural plankton, along with other slow degrading garbage, swirls slowly around like a clock, choked with dead fish, marine mammals, and birds who get snared".

The Alternative - Reusable Bags

Fortunately, there are so many quick, affordable and easy ways to get cracking on reducing your consumption of single-use plastics and one of them is by making the switch today to reusable bags!

At Eternal Source, we especially love the reusable bags by Envirosax for a whole heap of reasons:

1. Envirosax Bags are Strong: The reinforced seams enable the bags to hold the equivalent of 2 supermarket plastic bags in weight, so you can load them up big time!!

2. The Bags Roll Into A Pouch: One of the biggest issues is remembering your bags. The Envirosax bags roll into a small pouch so you can store them in your handbag, backpack or car making it easy for you to remember them while you are out shopping!

3. Envirosax Bags are Durable: I have been using my Envirosax bags for 3 years already and they still look great despite very frequent washing and the fact that I use them everyday!

4. They are Funky: Its not essential of course for your reusable bags to look good, but these bags look awesome and come in over 80 fabulous designs!

5. Printed with Eco Friendly Inks: These great bags are printed with eco-friendly inks and are free from both lead and carcinogenic amides.

6. They can be Recycled: Apart from being durable & long-lasting, the Envirosax bags can be recycled at the end of their life cycle, so they are definitely a step in the right direction!

SO, if you aren't already using reusable bags then there's no time like the present! Not only will you be helping to reduce the amount of plastic in our environment but you will also be helping to reduce our demand for oil which is a whole other kettle of fish...

You can view our full range on the following link - Envirosax Bags.

Envirosax Shopping Bags

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