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Tag Archives: Banning BPA

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    Has BPA been Banned in Australia?

    On 19.07.2012 by Tracey Tipping

    Despite the multitude of research that has been undertaken on BPA over many years (see the timeline by the Environmental Working Group), it seems that regulators in both Australia and overseas are very cautious about making any adverse health declarations about BPA.
    The presumption seems to be that the chemical is safe unless it can be [...]


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    Banning BPA

    On 19.08.2011 by Tracey Tipping

    Many countries around the world have decided to take precautionary action when it comes to BPA in children’s products, with Canada & the EU banning BPA in polycarbonate baby bottles.
    In addition, 8 states and 3 counties/cities in the United States have enacted bans as well (see full details in the table below).

    Details of Action [...]