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Tag Archives: Exposure to BPA

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    Top 5 Tips for Avoiding Bisphenols (incl. BPA & BPS)

    On 13.05.2013 by Tracey Tipping

    If hiding in a cave isn't an option for you (!!), then here are my top 5 tips on avoiding the Bisphenol group of chemicals (including BPA):
    1. Don't Eat Canned Foods
    Canned foods are lined with an epoxy resin that contains BPA to ensure that the internal contents don't come into contact with the metal.
    Unfortunately, there [...]


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    BPA + the New Bisphenols - BPS & BPF!

    On 09.05.2013 by Tracey Tipping

    While doing my usual round of BPA research last week, I was pretty stunned to learn that some companies are now replacing BPA with other chemicals from the Bisphenol family (oh, no there's a family of them!!) - primarily BPF and BPS.
    New Study on BPA & the Other Bisphenols
    A study published last week in the [...]


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    How are people exposed to BPA?

    On 19.08.2011 by Tracey Tipping

    It is hard to comprehend that in 2005 the US Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) found that 95 percent of Americans have detectable levels of BPA in their bodies[1]. Not only that, but in many cases these levels were found to be above the concentrations known to reliably cause adverse effects (like the [...]