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Ergopouch 2.5 TOG Winter Sleepsuit (Rainforest Leaves)

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  • Ergopouch 2.5 TOG Winter Sleepsuit (Rainforest Leaves)

2.5 TOG Winter Sleepsuit (Rainforest Leaves)

The all new Ergopouch 2.5 TOG Winter Sleepsuit Bag (Rainforest Leaves)) is made from 100% certified organic cotton quilt and is luxuriously soft. It zips into a sleepsuit with legs making daily outings in the car, pram or baby carrier a breeze. You can then zip it back into a bag for sleeping at night. It is super warm making it ideal for cold winter days and nights!

Size 1: 2-12 months - measures 80cm from shoulder to feet            
Size 2: 8-24 months - measures 90cm from shoulder to feet
Size 3: 2-4 years - measures 105cm from shoulder to feet               
Size 4:
4-6 years - measures 130cm from shoulder to feet

Organic Cotton: Outer - 100% organic cotton 400 thread count, Inner - 100% pure organic cotton fibre, Stretch inserts 95% organic cotton blended with 5% elastine

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Key Features - Sleeping in Natural Organic Comfort:
  • Fits easily into a car or stroller harness, and even a baby carrier
  • Simple to convert from Sleep Bag to Sleep Suit using zippers
  • Sleeping with natural fibres creates an optimum temperature balance and promotes a healthy sleeping environment, so it is ideal for children!
  • Outer Sheeting: Organic cotton 400 thread count
  • Inner Filling: Pure organic cotton fibre
  • Has cotton fleece sleeves with fold down mitts
  • Slip-proof foot pads
  • Keeps body temperature consistent
  • Eco friendly - no pesticides or chemicals
  • Hypo-allergenic
  • Superior breathability
  • Easy access for nappy (diaper) changes

Key Benefits - Comfort Design:
  • A slimline fit and unique stretch inserts in the shoulders and sides, allows the baby to move freely and reduce entanglement.
  • A clever 2 way zipper for easy closure when putting wriggly baby to bed, also easy access to nappy.

Key Benefits - Optimal Temperature Balance:
  • Sleeping with natural fibres, such as organic cotton, has long been known to give a better nights sleep, and now we know why.
  • Natural fibres disperse moisture from the skin, providing an even warmth and body temperature.
  • Studies have consistently confirmed that sleeping comfort is highly dependent upon the body achieving its own unique optimal temperature balance for a restful and revitalising nights sleep.
  • If during the natural sleeping cycle, the body is too warm or too cold, the human body will either consciously or subconsciously adjust its position in bed, thereby causing a disruption to the natural sleep cycle.
  • ErgoPouch sleeping bags are all highly breathable, keeping babies warm yet allowing them to keep a consistent body temperature and not overheat.

Key Benefits - Safety:
  • Ergopouch is strictly compliant with all safety regulations.
  • Ergopouch sleeping bags are fitted correctly around the arms and neck to ensure the baby wont slip through.
  • The slim fit design ensures there is no risk of loose fabric covering the face.

Key Benefits - Super Warm 3.5 TOG:
  • Warm Weight - best for sleeping in 16-22c (61F-70F) room temperature
  • For additional warmth, put a blanket on top, tucked safely into the sides of the cot.

Dressing Guide for 3.5 TOG Baby Sleeping Bags:
  • 20c (69F) Ergopouch 3.5 TOG Sleeping Bag + Mild Pyjamas
  • 18c (65F) Ergopouch 3.5 TOG Sleeping Bag + Warm Pyjamas
  • 16c (61F) Ergopouch 3.5 TOG Sleeping Bag + Warm Pyjamas & Undergarments
  • 14c (57F) Ergopouch 3.5 TOG Sleeping Bag + Warm Pyjamas & Undergarments
  • Handy Tip:Your baby can't regulate her temperature in her first month, so dress her in one more layer than you and check her temperature by feeling the back of her neck with the back of your hand.

About The TOG Rating Guide:
  • The British "T0G" value is the international standard measurement of all blankets' thermal effectiveness (how well it keeps you warm).
  • The higher the number then the better a blanket keeps you warm.
  • The TOG rating describes the warmth or 'Thermal Resistance' of a fabric, and is widely used in the UK to describe warmth levels of duvets and sleeping bags.

The Standard TOG Guide:
  • 0.5 Tog = best for 24c (75F) +
  • 1.0 Tog= best for 21c-24c (70F-75F)
  • 2.5 Tog=best for 18c -23c (65F-73F)
  • 3.5 Tog=best for 15c- 21c (59F-70F)

Benefits of Organic Cotton:
  • Organic agriculture prohibits the use of toxic and persistent chemical pesticides and fertilisers, as well as genetically modified organisms.
  • It seeks to build biologically diverse agricultural systems, replenish and maintain soil fertility, and promote a healthy environment.
  • Organic cotton usually lasts longer and is more absorbent.
Did You Know?
  • Every time you choose to buy an organic cotton product over a conventionally grown cotton product you are helping to keep toxic and persistent chemical pesticides and fertilisers out of our environment, as well as reducing demand for genetically engineered cotton varieties - a win-win on all fronts!
Materials Used in ErgoPouch Baby Sleeping Bags:
  • Outer Sheeting: Organic cotton 400 thread count
  • Inner Filling: Pure organic cotton fibre
ErgoPouch Certifications:
  • The organic cotton used in the ErgoPouch has been certified by GOTS.

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Shipping FAQs
  • How long will it take for you to ship my ErgoPouch to me? Usually ships within 1 - 2 business days depending on stock!
Water Conservation:
  • When washing your ErgoPouch, always run a full load.

Energy Efficiency:
  • Your ErgoPouch is best suited to being washed in a cold, gentle water cycle and then line-dried - an ideal way to lower your power consumption!
  • ErgoPouch recommends that you avoid tumble dryers as a hot dryer will shrink most cotton and bamboo products.

Planet Friendly Laundry Products:
  • Planet friendly laundry products are non-toxic, biodegradable, and contain no chlorine, phosphates, artificial fragrances or dyes. They are a fantastic way to wash your ErgoPouch.